Big Little Lies: A Review

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Warning, there may be a few spoilers ahead!

I can’t exactly remember where I was when I first watched the trailer for the HBO comedy-drama, Big Little Lies, but I can tell you that from the moment I saw that Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Zoë Kravitz and Laura Dern were all going to be a part of this miniseries I knew for I fact that I was going to love it.

Based on the number one bestselling novel, Big Little Lies, which was written by Liane Moriarty, this television show focuses on the lives of five mothers in particular and their children who attend a public school in Monterey, California. Starring the likes of Adam Scott, Alexander Skarsgård, James Tupper and Jeffrey Nordling, as the husbands of four of the previously mentioned women, Big Little Lies has just the star-studded cast we’ve all been waiting for.

At the beginning of the very first episode the audience is dropped right into the middle of the drama and action as the series opens just after a murder has been committed during one of the schools fundraisers, “Otter Bay School’s Elvis-and-Audrey-themes Trivia Night”. Just as the audience is presented with the point of view of a police officer whilst multiple interviews are being conducted with other parents whose children attend the same school as the five main female characters of this miniseries, they are transported back to a couple of months before the incident at the schools fundraiser to another incident that involves Renata’s (played by Laura Dern) child Amabella (played by Ivy George) being choked on the first day of school.

Once Amabella blames Jane’s (played by Shailene Woodley) son Ziggy (played by Iain Armitage) and battle lines are drawn between Renata and Jane, viewers of Big Little Lies are thrust into the guessing game that lasts over the course of this seven episode long miniseries.

By revealing that Jane was raped and in pursuit of her attacker, that Madeline (played by Reese Witherspoon) had an affair on her husband during the previous year, that Celeste (played by Nicole Kidman) is being abused by her husband on a regular basis and is planning on leaving him and taking the kids with her, the writers of this “critically acclaimed” television series and evidently the author of the bestselling novel, present the audience with so many possibilities as to not only who has been murdered but also who was the murderer.

With twist, turns, secrets and lies alongside the best soundtrack and extremely high quality acting from both the adults and the kids throughout this series, I highly recommend you dip your toe into the world of Big Little Lies, even if it’s only for a few episodes I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

Although I can’t promise you that there won’t be any twists, secrets or lies throughout this miniseries, I can promise you that there are no lies within this review. If you were one of the unfortunate souls who missed out on watching this series when it was originally aired and still wish to watch it despite the amount of spoilers that were discussed in this review, Big Little Lies is now available on Now TV to catch up whenever you’re ready.