Review of The Revenant

From what I heard to the build up of the release of this movie, The Revenant was meant to be a one of a kind that’ll win endless awards throughout the 2016 year. Although I was a year late in watching this movie, it did not change the fact that it was one of the most overrated and over hyped movies of 2016. Leonardo Di Caprio had the role of a frontiersman, Hugh Glass, who was attacked by a bear and left for dead in the wilderness.

One factor of this movie that was very well done by the cinematogropher, Emmanuel Lubezki, was that he only he used natural light. Throughout the movie you catch glimpses of beautiful natural side of the United States as Hugh Glass (Leonardo Di Caprio) struggles his way back to the fort where he desires revenge on those who had left him to die. Some of the clips that are shown are genuinely captivating and give you a sense of the beauty of the world around us, and to that I give applause to Lubezki, in managing to capture beauty without these effects and lighting that most cinematogrophers use. This is a very different and creative way of producing a movie.

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Although Lubezki tried his best in making this movie a one of a kind, one thing that did not help was the horrendous, dragged out story line in which feels like the movie is never going to end (and not in a good way). In a film that takes two hours and 36 minutes to finish you’d hope that there would be an endless supply of conflict or story line that’ll capture your attention and not let go until the very last minute of the film. If that’s your hope then you haven’t got much. This film could easily be cut down from two hours and 36 minutes to an hour and a half easily. If not even less. In what the director believes is a movie changing experience for the viewers was really just a huge waste of time looking at beautiful scenery in which started to get boring after about an hour.

One thing that you can not fault in this movie is Leonardo Di Caprio’s exceptional acting. Throughout the film Glass (Di Caprio) is injured badly and can barely speak, but that’s what made this role his Oscar winning part, he had to act with his eyes and his expressions throughout the whole film. For me, what he himself (Di Caprio) had to endure throughout filming this movie is extraordinary. Some dub The Revenant as the ‘toughest movie ever to shoot’ for an actor. During the movie Leonardo Di Caprio goes into a REAL river in the freezing cold conditions where the movie was filmed and during the movie you can see the pain in his eyes and the real struggle that he endures as he tries to leave the river. Another flawless scene by Di Caprio is when he eats raw liver in a scene where he is handed food, as you watch you can see the disgust in his face as he does pretty much anything for this Oscar. But the most remarkable thing of all is that he won an Oscar without pretty much any dialogue.

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If you want to watch a film that is well directed then this is a film that you MAY enjoy. But other than that, everything about this film was hyped up so much that it didn’t quite live up to it’s expectation. Hats off to Leonardo Di Caprio and Emmanuel Lubezki for their outstanding efforts in making this film different, but overall a disappointing film.


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