Did Justin Bieber upset his Indian fans on his Purpose World Tour in Mumbai?

bbbbAs Bieber started performing in Mumbai during The Purpose World Tour, he said,

You guys are the coolest. Hope you’re ready to have the best night”.

But at the end of the night, an angry mother of a 10 year old ‘Belieber’ told PTI

“I wish I had not paid a bomb for this awful concert” (NDTV).

This response was received by a number of fans, reason being Bieber was lip-syncing his songs and it was clearly evident. While the crowd expected him to sing most if not all songs live, Bieber decided to sing only four songs live. The Canadian Singer attracted a lot of attention in the Indian media for his weird demands, which included a Jacuzzi installed for him backstage so that he could unwind before going onstage. A list of his diva demands can be found here.

After fulfilling all these demands, if he could not perform more songs live, there seemed to be lack of preparedness at the singer’s end itself. But along with the singer, the organizers of the singer’s Purpose World Tour 2017 – White Fox India also were blamed for bad arrangements. Overpriced water bottles to lack of proper washroom arrangements made the crowd unhappy.

The concert’s audience included Bollywood stars, most of whom were accompanied with their kids. Celebrities openly on their social media network shared the disappointment from the concert. For example, Sonali Bendre called the concert, “Waste of Time”.

The disappointment for the fans started from the time he announced that he is extending his time in Dubai and arriving in India three days later than the expected date. Some fans were still happy waiting for him and camping outside the airport for three days. Before the concert, he met some underprivileged children, indulged in coffee at a popular shopping mall with fans and also played football with the locals. This kept the fans full of excitement who were following his actions live on news and on social media.

But after paying heavy prices for the concert’s entry, when Bieber was seen low on energy and lip syncing his songs, the excited crowd started to frown and this was seen with live social media comments from the audience.

The journalists, who secretly or openly admired Bieber, blamed the singer’s decision to lip sync his songs on the bad weather – the heat and the humidity. Not only the singer was not used to this kind of a warm weather, even his guitar was affected by the humidity. When he started with ‘Cold Water’ track, he had to tune the guitar on stage and re start the song. Though he managed to keep the crowd happy in this time as he apologized to the audience for starting it over and explained that his guitar needed retuning.

The crowd included lucky fans who enjoyed his interaction. While we still have many fans of Bieber raving about the performance and blaming the heat for what happened at the event, I believe a star of this stature should have been better prepared for the weather, especially when the ticket prices were kept higher than any other music concert that India has ever witnessed.

I am personally not a big fan of Bieber, but an experience at the Bieber’s concert in India was not delightful for me atleast. I could have spent the night listening to his songs in a luxury lounge and paid one tenth of the price that I paid for the concert. I still look forward to hear his songs, but I might not really opt for his live concert in future.

Photo Credit – http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/justin-biebers-fans-waited-all-day-to-hear-him-lip-sync-people-are-furious-1692249