Varanasi as a Creative City

Varanasi is also known as Banaras is a city in India. It is one of the two cities in India that are recognized by the UNESCO creative cities network. Varanasi is known for its music, traditional religious beliefs, Banaras Ghats, traditional festivals, monuments, temples, museums and mosques.

  1. Banaras Ghats- There are 87 Ghats around the Ganges where after sunset Aarti is performed by the Priests. Aarti is a religious practice followed by the Hindu people as an offering to God. This Aarti is attended by hundreds as there are boat rides to Ghats from where the tourists and the local people can watch the Aarti and listen to the chanting of mantras. This Aarti is performed with multiple diyas and religious bells, after which people can float diyas and flowers in the Ganges to offer their prayers to God. This is one of the major tourists attraction in Banaras. As this sight can only be seen in Banaras which is one of the oldest cities in India.banaras ghat aarti.pngPhoto Credits:
  2. Ramnagar Fort- This fort was built near the Ganges River and was built by Raja Balwant Singh in 1750. This is an historic monument, where there is also a museum named Saraswati Bhawan which has valuable pieces of jewellery, furniture and paintings from the fort for the public to view. Ramlila is one of the old festivals that is still celebrated at the fort every year after Dusshera. For this tourists can also tak boats to reach the fort which are available at the Ghats. Outside the Ramnagar Fort there are vintage American cars at display and also old costumes and arms that were used during the ancient times. ramnagar fortPhoto Credits: (
  3. Sarnath Museum- This is one of the oldest archaeological museums in India and is located in Varanasi. This museum was built in 1910 and has a lot of buddhist cultural wealth. This is a very good place for people who believe in Buddhism as this museum was especially built to the art affects and antiques from the Buddhist monastery. The Sarnath museum is also well known because it has the Ashoka Pillar about which all the students especially from India must have read about in their textbooks. The second most important art affect is the Dharma Chakra which is represented in the Indian flag with the colours blue and white. Therefore it holds a lot of importance.sarnat museumPhoto Credits: (http://
  4. Gulab Bari- is a colourful festival with people showering rose petals and listening to delightful music. It is a music cultural festival event in which different musicians from around the world come together and have a music concert. Musicians perform with different instruments like flute, tabla and harmonium. As we know Varanasi is well known for its music as people associate Varanasi with Lord Shiva who himself was known for his music and dance talents. The city is also known for Jhugalbandi and Dhrupad style of singing. This festival is attended by people from Varanasi and by people from around the world.gulab bariPhoto Credits: Gulab Bari
  5. Subah-e-Banaras-is another festival in Varanasi through which the Government of India focus on music and yoga but also focus on cleaning the Ghats. Every morning during sunrise the visitors arrive at Ghat to first offer their prayers to God through Aarti and Yagna which is followed by a delightful and peaceful chanting of the Hindu Vedas and mantras which is later followed by an hour of yoga by all the visitors. This is an amazing and spiritual start to everybody’s day.subah-e- banarasPhoto Credits: (

These are the monuments and festivals that help make a Varanasi creative as it was always known as a Spiritual city but today it is also known as a Creative City.