Thrown in the Deep End of the Pula

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To say my first ‘real’ festival was incredible is an understatement! Having only ever been to our local North Walian festival when I was around 16 years old, to jump on a plane and end up in the stunning Croatia, attending one of the most understated festivals in Europe, is something I’ll never regret. My love of bass music is something which has developed dramatically over the past five years, but with hectic summers my schedule didn’t allow much room for festivals. However, I was determined to make last summer count. Tying in with a trip to Prague and Amsterdam, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to experience the sensation that is Outlook; a festival which perfectly combines a variety of bass music with the historic culture of Croatia.

The festival itself began in 2008 and was appropriately named Outlook. However the roots of the festival come back to Leeds, one of the most inventive British cities for music development. If you are a fan of bass music you will be familiar with one particular event which has been influential in the success of bass music promotion. This is where Outlook originated from, and is known as SubDub. Established in 1998, SubDub has expanded rapidly since, branching out to different areas and stages. Showing how the culture in Leeds has broadened and developed across seas. Tying in the music creativity born in the North of England with the continental climate of Croatia. Not only this but the organisers come from the UK attempting to combine the British festival, with that of the abroad. Clearly doing this successfully as Outlook was awarded the ‘Best Overseas Festival’ in 2011.

Being located in Fort Punta Christo, Outlook offers a picturesque landscape to host a festival. With smaller Islands off the coast, Christo provides a perfect venue for the increasingly popular boat parties. If you aren’t a fan of massive stages and packed crowds, or fancy trying something different, the boat party is the place for you. Each boat offers a more individual and select playlist of bass music.

Outlook itself is set in Pula on the North West Coast of Croatia, creating a perfect combination of holiday and festival. This has clearly been picked up by British festival goers as there has been a heavy increase in attendance since 2011, so if you’re looking for a British festival with a twist this is your ticket. Not only are the surroundings beautiful, but the Mediterranean climate offers something unique from British held festival. No need for those wellies or rainmacs, but plenty of use for those bikinis and shades!

With SubDub being an event promoting bass music, Outlook also took on this genre but added a few subgenres of its own. One being Reggae, which fits the setting of Outlook perfectly. There was  a particular act which appeared to define Outlook for me. This being the incredible Damian Marley. Born to the legend himself, Bob Marley, Damian replicates the raw talent performed by his father, but adds a contemporary twist. Junior Gong aka Damian Marley, was the headline act on the opening night performing in the incredible Roman Amphitheatre in the centre of Pula. Creating a unique combination of historic architecture with contemporary reggae music, marrying two extremely different cultures.

This festival demonstrates the importance of the creative industry in Britain, not only in creating and ensuring the success of events such as Outlook. But also in bringing together various different cultures to create something remarkable. So if you’re’ looking for something to make your summer, I couldn’t recommend this festival highly enough!