Theatre: My first Experience

‘Theatre is not like a film as there are no retakes’.

My first ever experience to watch a play was when I was 13 years old. As a kid I was never interested in movies and not even in music.Silly, but true. In grade 8 my English teacher took our entire class to watch theatre. this was the first ever play I ever watched which was “The taming of the shrew” by William Shakespeare.

I had thought that the play would be boring and instead I should have watched the movie. So, I thirteen sitting in the middle of the auditorium with no idea of what is going to happen for the next two hours. Feeling stuck and bored, it was no less a task for me to sit there to watch a play without which I had never heard about.

At the start of the play a beautiful lady in a gown walked on the stage introducing the play which went above my head. Soon as she left the stage the play started, at the start for about twenty minutes I did not not pay much attention to what was happening on the stage. But as the play went on I had not option than to watch the play as everybody else because there was no way I could get out of the auditorium.

Trying to figure out what exactly was going on the stage I looked at my teacher and she explained me what all had already happened and asked me to pay attention. It finally started making some sense to me. Honestly my interest came into the scene when Petruchio entered the stage dressed in a vintage costume which made me feel fascinated with the dress.

Sooner I started to enjoy the play as it had both comedy and romance. It was like reading a book. It was an amazing feeling watching the artist’s right in front of me performing the entire play, it felt like it was especially being performed for me. then I understood theatre is not like a movie as the mistake once done, cannot be rectified. As there are no retakes just like in our lives. As the moment once gone never comes back therefore it is not easy for these artist’s to perform at one go.

The costumes, the jewellery, the make up, the set up, the lighting was all so perfect. I did not want the play to end. As the play ended everyone stood up and clapped for all the artist’s on the stage. This might sound funny but I started to cry as it felt like so amazing to actually watch people right in front of you act in a play in such a perfect way. That I felt as if I have done a mistake by not watching the play from the start therefore I made up my mind to watch the play again in my summer holidays as I really cherished watching it.

I enjoyed the plat thoroughly and therefore have already watched twenty five plays till now. But I still can’t enjoy watching movies as now I only watch plays. My first experience of watching a play in the theatre was delightful as this made me interested in acting. Therefore, I started going to acting classes.

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