Swansea’s Hidden TechHub.

‘TechHub Swansea’ is a thriving and yet largely undiscovered location, based on a foundation of innovation and support for start-up businesses. The concept is national, and nurtures technology based start-ups in order to create efficient and self-reliant spaces in order to reach their maximum potential. Their buildings are populated with offices equipped with the best Internet connection, relaxed yet professional conference rooms and is reserved only for start-ups within the creative tech industry. The business also includes café’s at their location, creating space for those on the move to sip a decent flat white alongside creating their tech masterpieces in a relaxing but work-motivated environment.

The relaxed atmosphere of TechHub is part of a larger trend within the Creative Industries of adopting shared spaces in order for businesses to flourish and creative working together as a unit rather than competing. The existing knowledgeable brains behind the business support the start-ups with events, and put an end to the traditional serious tones of business events with their relaxed basement café’s and free flowing beer along with plenty of pizza to share.


Their website invites guests to learn the basics of technology and socialising by creating partnerships between creative businesses and individuals, the location takes the hard work out of start-ups, creating connections and important publicity. From here, TechHub serves as a hub for technological advances but also for fostering a better understanding for technology as an instrument for other local businesses and entrepreneurs. From coding workshops in creating websites, to presentations surrounding Cloud Apps, the TechHub sustains itself by providing the environment of technological innovation and like-minded individuals creating a harmonious location for the growing technology sector, which would otherwise not be available.

The addition of TechHub to the city of Swansea is important for the future of the city in terms of its creative and cultural importance as a location within the expanding creative industry within the United Kingdom. The cafe, which is open to the public, is littered with signs of the creative industries – a darlek guards the entrance to the café whilst a book swap is nestled into the corner alongside the beanbag relaxed area. Play a game of pool for free, or perhaps try your luck at the retro arcade game – anything to get those creative juices flowing.

Despite all of TechHub’s outstanding qualities in its impeccably decorated interior to the quirky features (including a book being propped underneath one of the tables to keep it steady…), it is not well known to individuals in Swansea despite having been there for over a year now. Being one of the first creatively driven companies to make itself known in Swansea – it doesn’t seem to be doing well within its café portion of the business, expecting a quiet buzz with most tables full of individuals working towards their new and innovative projects. Instead finding a handful of people typing away quietly, a barista with an unfortunate lack of customers to serve and practice his latte art for.



The concept of TechHub is one there is plenty of room for in most cities in the UK at the moment – in particular Swansea, and yet for an industry that should be savvy in the department of self-promotion, there is a lack of meaningful partnerships being created by the start up moguls. With its location remaining tucked away from the public eye, its challenge remains to be getting TechHub known as a legitimate opportunity for the creative minds of Swansea above anything else and getting acquainted with the local crowd.

Be sure to check out their website and find the nearest creative and co-working space near you, and maybe even try out a workshop.