Swansea Bay is the city’s cultural hub

SwanseaDylan Thomas Centre
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Swansea Bay is most popularly known for its outstanding natural beauty. But it is also known for its arts and culture. Swansea Bay is said to offer a diverse range of arts and culture for all in the city to enjoy. Such a range that Swansea Bay has to offer, it put in a bid for the UK City of Culture 2017.

The Bay has lots to offer culturally from the Dylan Thomas Centre to being home to Wale’s oldest (Swansea Museum) and newest museum’s (The National Waterfront Museum).

The Dylan Thomas Centre offers a glimpse into the life of Swansea most famous author Dylan Thomas. While they focus mainly on literary events, the centre shows how Dylan Thomas managed to write about Swansea culture in his work of fictions. In the past the centre has also had well known welsh authors visit for special talks, expanding not only local culture but Welsh culture across the city.

Swansea Museum and the National Waterfront Museum also pride themselves on educating visitors on the local culture. From the famous Copper Steel Works during the Industrial Revolution to having picture of Swansea during the Blitz in World War II.

When it comes to arts, Swansea Bay has a range of theatres. The Grand Theatre, the Brangwyn Hall and the Taliesin Arts Centre all offer something new to the locals. They cater to many different genres from: opera, musicals, drama, comedy and ballet.

The Brangwyn Hall also hosts the Swansea Festival of Music and Arts. The festival celebrates world class arts and entertainment across the city, focusing mainly on classical, jazz and opera.

Swansea Bay also prides itself on local art. The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, which recently finished its £8.4million refurbishment in the Summer of 2016, is home to many local artists. The gallery focuses on local artists as well as Welsh artists from further afield. The Gallery also reaches out to local communities to spread art across the city. The new refurbishment has also allowed there to be more gallery and social spaces as well as a new library, lecture theatre, community room and café. Allowing visitors to spend the whole day there as well as allowing more local artist’s work to be displayed in the gallery.

With all that Swansea Bay has to offer culturally, it is no surprise that during Swansea’s bid of the city of culture. David Jones, the Secretary of State for Wales said during a visit: “From its National Waterfront Museum in Swansea, the miles of stunning Gower coastline, and the National Botanic Gardens of Wales in Carmarthenshire, there is no doubt in my mind that now is Swansea Bay’s time to shine.”

Swansea Bay has every right to be part of the bid for the UK City of Culture 2017, and although it lost to Hull. It is clear to see that Swansea is full of Culture and has a lot to offer not only locally but also across the whole of the South Wales area. Swansea Bay is pivotal in highlighting local culture, not just in Swansea but to the rest of Wales and the UK.

It is no surprise that in April, Swansea put in its second bid, this time to win the UK City of Culture 2021. With so much arts and culture to offer, Swansea is stiff competition for the other cities who will put in their bid to also win the lucrative title.