Review of Dream Girls in the West End.

I was always going to be biased towards the film version of this incredible musical, how can you really top an all star cast of Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Jamie Fox? Originally adapted from the Broadway musical, Dream Girls on the West End was so entertaining and enjoyable!

There were particular highlights, such as the gorgeous costumes and glittery stage sets that enhanced the glamour of the production. And whilst I unfortunately did not see Glee’s Amber Riley, the incredibly talented Marisha Wallace did not disappoint in her role as Effie White. But there were also a few let downs,  the musical talents of some of the other cast members a little disappointing, this isn’t to say it was a bad production at all, but I had a lot of different expectations because of the film is one of my favourites but it was pleasantly surprising.


Source: Celebrity Radio 

Obviously, the music was for the most part, amazing!! You can’t really go wrong when working with such a distinguished genre as Motown, and Marisha’s rendition of ‘And I Am Telling You’ definitely did Jen proud. It has the kind of soundtrack that you feel like you already know even if you have never heard it before and a kind of feel good vibe that really engaged with the audience. I obviously need to mention the costumes here as well, the massive sleeves, the sequins, the glitter just everything about them made me wish it was acceptable to wear American 60s show dresses in 2017 public.

The story line is full of every emotion, you want to laugh, cry, shout, dance, sing, basically everything that a good musical should want you to do. And each character has their own individual storyline that gives context to whole show, it is truly an unmissable experience for anyone who is a fan of the film Dream Girls, or for any Motown fan for that matter.



I also noticed how, a musical narrative about three young black women from Detroit trying to make a name for themselves in the Motown and RnB industry of 1960/70s America attracted such a diverse audience. When considering the fact that statistical attendance of both opera and ballet is widely upper class females who are over 65 from the central south, the clear variation of gender, age and class of the audience captured the broad appeal that this story has as well as theatre as a whole.

Dream Girls’ attractiveness to the theatre comes at a time of uncertainty, the Society of London Theatre statistics for 2016 show that although gross box office revenue has increased since 2015, overall attendance has dropped by 414, 467. You don’t need to be an expert to know that that is a worrying prospect, surely more people should know there is this danger of dropping theatre attendance? In a time of technology, a trip to the theatre is becoming an increasingly rare occurrence, that is why more shows like Dream Girls are needed!

An appeal to a younger audience could be what saves the theatre industry in the future, and Dream Girls can contribute to that with its association to such big contemporary stars like Beyonce, another example would be Harry Potter and The Cursed Child that has drawn a whole new generation to the art of theatre.


Source: FameFlynet

So if you want to support the future of the theatre industry and love Motown music, beautiful dresses and lots of sparkle than go and see Dream Girls on the West End, you can have a look at more information about it here, you will not regret it!