Is There ‘Something There That Wasn’t There Before’?

 A childhood favourite, a kind of messed-up love story, homage to bookworms everywhere — it could only be Beauty and the Beast.

So… was the remake nostalgia filled dream? Or should you blow the dust off your old VHS and stick with the good old classics? Because the true question is, can you really ever out preform anything from the 90’s?

Nostalgia of course, is becoming big business within the film industry, and as successful as it may be – it also lives with an overwhelming amount of criticism. Disney began to capitalize on remaking their own classics in 2010 with ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and has since released, and planned countless others. For the most part, it seems as if Disney is using its economic advantage in order to refuel its best work, and in all honesty… seems a little lazy.

Emma Watson was critiqued for her auto-tuned voice.

Its truly undeniable that the recreation of this film was not put together in a sloppy way, whilst watching and familiarising yourself with the cast it morphs and develops into a weird game of ‘where’s wally?’ except more; ‘where’s are the plethora of award winning actors?’ (Not as catchy, perhaps). Despite Emma Watson’s questionably auto-tuned rendition of ‘Something There’, the acting and actors within the remake are second to none – as are the CGI effects used throughout the film.
One of the most intercut details and aspects remains to be the talking furniture, the famous characters of Chip, Mrs. Potts, Lumière and Cogsworth amongst others, returned for what could only be described as captivatingly lifelike versions of their previous selves.


That face you make when he won’t leave you alone. 

The transformation that this film was treated with however was not purely based on appearances, and yet looking at the changes that were made to the script, storyline and characters, things start to become…minimalistic. Whole scenes have been replicated, every single frame becoming a more finely tuned version of the original. An undoubted improvement to the original, and yet aren’t there always ways to improve something? The worry is remaining in a constant lapse of ‘remaking classics’ over and over.

Despite the 90’s nostalgia that comes with these remakes, they offer little in the way of originality. Perhaps if Disney were investing their time, energy and resources into new and innovative productions, the appreciation for the rejuvenation of older originals would be welcomed more warmly.

I cant deny, that whilst watching the film that us nineties babies will do anything less than love it, even if you despise Emma Watson, or if its been a while since you even watched a good old ‘Walt’ classic – the remake will re-ignite your passion for all things ‘Beauty and The Beast’ and suddenly you’ll be singing along to the new and improved auto-tuned Belle.

beauty and the beast
The original ‘Mr. steal your girl’

All in all, it seems like were in the generation of the remake – and Disney seems to be the leader of the trend. Whilst these productions aren’t thrown together to any degree, Beauty and the Beast seemed ever so similar to the original, that the only thing changed is a bigger and better cast, production and set. There is only so far that ‘generation remake’ can go, and Disney will have no choice but to reinvent themselves and not their films at some point in the future – and it could ultimately be their downfall if they don’t get it right.

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*All images sourced from Flickr.*