Fantastic Beasts or Fantastic Betrayals?

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With the booming success of 7 novels and 8 films, you would have thought JK Rowling- having already conquered the British creative film industry- was ready to call it a day. However, that would just be an unfortunate travesty as it would seem that Rowling has only just begun to uncover the magic of her mystery world. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ is Rowling’s first film as the screenwriter has sent all us Harry Potter fan bonkers! If like us more serene fans, you waited of the DVD release of this film it is now available to buy here!

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Understandably it’s only natural for Rowling’s to evolve with us who have grown up with Harry Potter. However, this is Rowling’s first film that hasn’t been adapted from a novel and that’s slightly heart-breaking. The film features a young British wizard who admittedly is a little bit…odd but in a charming kind of cute way Newt Scamander. Newt Scamander is played by the equally quirky actor Eddie Redmayne, who has had much different lead roles in films such as the Oscar-winning Les Miserables, the hard hitting, The Theory of Everything and The Danish Girl. Throughout the film, we follow Newt Scamander and his magical briefcase on his journey through one of the most creative cities – with some equally creative beasts –  in the world, New York City with the aim of setting his beloved beast free to the wilds or Arizona. Only while there he bumps into a No-Maj or for us Brits, Muggle who accidentally mixes up briefcases resulting in a wild goose chase around New York City trying to catch his fantastic beasts. Although, Newt and his friends run into some more bother and mischief along the way…

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However, we can’t help but sense a bit of betrayal with the new film from our magical, beloved Harry Potter world being set in the United States. What about the Butter Beer? What about Hogwarts and the thick British-accented wizards. We will all undeniably miss the wizarding world being set in our country full of creativity and culture and this new relocation will definitely have to take some getting used to. That being said it is inevitable that we will all feel at home soon enough as some of us super fans are already counting down the days to the second movie!

Then again, we can’t help but note that this film was always bound to do outstandingly raking in over $74 million in the first week! Perhaps this could have something to do with the fantasy genre being on the rise alike other genres making a comeback recently within the industry such as musicals with the hit Oscar-winning La La Land? Or perhaps the name JK Rowling has already given herself in the British film industry meant that the film was already a winner? This being the case could be said to distort the scene of the British film industry as big names such as Rowling and Ridley Scott are mostly always guaranteed to well due to the funds and backing behind the films whereas up and coming directors or writers then find it hard to get a look in within the industry.

Overall, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them is a spectacular film that does not disappoint the previous Harry Potter films. However, we must think and appreciate why films like these, from big names are so successful and what that means for the smaller up and coming names within the British film industry. Or are we just happy with our big British names giving us what we’re sure to enjoy? Out now on DVD!