City of Culture 2021?

Photo Credit: St. Davids Yurts

The city of St Davids may be the smallest city in Britain, in size and population, but its rich cultural heritage has made it a contender in the race to win the prize for the title of UK City of Culture 2021. From its coastal views, to its grand Cathedral this bitesized city can offer far more than the history of Wales’ patron Saint, Saint David, alone.

Located along the Pembrokeshire coastal path St Davids is the perfect resting point between long scenic walks for people who are eager to soak up some Welsh culture. Despite its size the city has plenty to offer, it is filled with historic landmarks that’s architectural grandeur bring visitors from a far, a national gallery and even a palace, of sorts, not forgetting plenty of quaint dining spots that serve traditional Welsh feasts to help refuel after immersing yourself in the history of St Davids.

Perhaps the most iconic image of St Davids is its beautiful Cathedral, which is not only home to some fascinating history surrounding Wales’ patron Saint, its walls are often ringing with the sound of choral singing, as choirs travel from a far to have the opportunity to perform on St Davids Cathedrals stage. As a country of song, it’s hardly surprising that choirs from across the world come to Wales to immerse themselves in its choral culture.

As a previous host of the National Eisteddfod, a yearly celebration of Welsh culture, in 2002, the Welsh language and its traditions is at the heart of St Davids charm. A factor in which could be vital in the cities quest for the UK City of Culture title, as its Welsh speaking community in a place which holds such importance to the history and culture of Wales could be the distinctive factor that makes St Davids stand out from the crowd. The historic language of Wales has a significant influence on the countries culture in a way that is completely unique to Wales alone.

With fewer than 2,000 people residing in St Davids, its city status is pretty impressive. It certainly doesn’t match the stereotypical attributes of a booming city, you wont find any bustling high streets or towering skyscrapers in this small Welsh city. However, much like the busiest of cities in the United Kingdom, St Davids is filled with culture. The size of the city does not represent the wealth of its culture and history.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor 

Not a fan of history? Luckily St Davids has far more to offer. Situated on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast, this small city is renowned for its fantastic water sports facilities, from surfing to kayaking, the choppy waters of St Davids offers a freezing cold welcome to all.

Perhaps not daring enough to risk dipping a toe in cold waters? Why not take a bought trip around Ramsey Island with the chance of spotting a couple of dolphins or whales.

From tourists to pilgrims St Davids attracts a wide variety of people. It may be small in size, yet, it is steeped in history and heritage that will leave you planning your next visit to the quaint rural city. Perhaps it is not the most conventional candidate for the title of UK City of Culture, however, it can’t be denied that St Davids is filled with culture and history to match a city ten times the size of it. Could the title of City of Culture 2021 be the catalyst that raises the profile of this small city beyond Wales?