This week we were thinking about crowdfunding and whether it’s a viable business model. Working in groups we looked at various different crowdfunding platforms to get a sense of the kinds of projects that get funded, who funds them, which ones don’t get funded and how business models differ between the various platforms. We looked at, for example, Unbound, WeFund, PledgeMusic, CrowdCube and others to get a sense of how the field operates.

We also made Crowdpoems. Here’s how this works. A sheet of paper circulates the room with each person adding a line to the poem – but the paper is folded so that each person can only see the previous line.

The resulting poems were – well, you can be the judge. (Tuesday’s sessions fell on Valentine’s day, by the way, hence the theme.)


Seminar Group 1: Tuesday, 12.10

Some roses are red, but violets aren’t blue.

I received no flowers today, how about you?

Nor did I, but when I looked into his light blue eyes, I could forgive.

But then, as I looked deeper I saw

A giant squid staring back at me.

Why are fish in the sea, so ugly?

And yet channel their beauty through their mystery.

They are a true muse of beauty and grace

And yet leave this world without a trace.


Seminar Group 2: Tuesday, 3.10

Violets aren’t blue but some roses are red

Said the girl with a bed for a head

I like to sing to the birds and the bees

And feel the green grass on my knees.

I breathe deeply and looked up

I see some of my Gs and I’m like ‘yo, wassup?’

Atop the log I did admire, a lonely rose adorned the pyre,

I took a breath, the match was lit, the colours danced, the flame did spit.

Roses are red, chocolate is brown, I expect nothing but I’m still let down.

This seminar is rockin’ and poppin’, there ain’t no stoppin’

Crowd-funding is the bomb – let the poem go on…

I can’t wait to see how this poem (literally) unfolds

By the time it’s finished, though, we might all have grown old.

Old, but hopefully wiser,

And maybe a little bit kinder.


Seminar Group 3: Wednesday 9am

Yesterday roses were red in winter

Violets died from frostbite

Which made space for kids to fly their kites

And filled each one with extreme delight.


Seminar Group 4: Wednesday 10am

Last night I saw the foxes in my garden

They leaped through the fence and galloped into the night

Like a horse in an open forest

I feel free to run around and be me.

I don’t care where I go, I just want to see

An open space, an open place.

I feel like I want to move to a better place

Where everyone has a smiling face.

And I never feel out of place

Happy but still tired and hungry.

Just one more hour in bed.



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